Saturday, December 6, 2008

Perfume Raison d'Etre

A photograph I took today struck me with a thought about the meaning of life of the perfume; to make appear something that is not really there. A perfume is more than the sum of its parts. A perfume can be considered a form of magic, but not the type of magic of witches and devils. Perfume is the magic of a magician, it is a trick meant to create illusions. It creates something that cannot be touched but is made from tangeable materials (aromachems). This photograph is actually just coats draped over my hatrack in a random way, but at the correct angle what we get is in fact the face of a person; something so lifelike we feel that it will almost start to speak to us (tell us to buy Nabob coffee no doubt).

A few modifiers layered over a basic accord can give a rose that is so lifelike you can almost feel the prick of its thorn ;)


L said...

What a delightful photograph and analogy! You blog is a pleasure to read.

Vetivresse said...

If you can create a perfume like you composed the photo (o felix culpa), you will have succeeded in the very process you describe.

Parfum said...

haha, they say this is the way Iris Gris was created ;)