Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Perfumed Ink: Past and Present

I have always liked the idea of perfumed letters, however you have to be very careful with the perfume you use and the method of application to ensure that you don't leave a stained area, which will just make your beautifully written letter look like you spilled your coffee on it ;)

One way to solve this problem is to have the ink itself be perfumed - and after doing some research on the topic I found this interesting image which is a scan of an article from the 40's. It talks about a machine that could print a design of one colour over a freshly pressed newspaper sheet (when attached to a commercial printing press). This coloured ink would be perfumed, which would allow the reader to experience a perfume that was being advertised - of course assuming the newspaper was fairly fresh.

For 2009, if you choose to go the hand-written route, Mont Blanc created a special perfumed ink during the season of Valentine's day 2009 that you can use to write a note for that special someone.

At some point I think I would like to try my hand at making a *signature* perfume, not one that I would always wear, but in fact a perfumed ink that I could use whenever I had to sign a letter! At this point I have no clue how this would work and I can imagine there might be some very difficult solubility issues to overcome, but it is an experiment I will try at some point.


Liisa Wennervirta said...

That Mont Blanc ink exists at least since 2004-ish, and I'm glad to hear that it's still available, I was told it was some sort of limited edition, because apart from the scent, it's the greatest deep red colour ever. I love dark red inks but they are rather hard to come by.

Parfum said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for the info, I will update the article asap

I don't use fountain pens often but my favourite colour is green :)