Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen - Kingdom

As many of you know, talented british designer Alexander McQueen passed away. As we mourn the loss of this great fashion icon, I would like to take a look back at the houses's perfume offering. The designer, who will be remembered for his innovative and bold designs, will also be remembered in the fragrance community for releasing an equally innovative and a true statement of a fragrance; Kingdom. Its heavy use of cumin a precursor to the wave of "sexual" scents released post 2000. While it may never be recognized as a landmark perfume, the combination of its innovation in defining an emerging "genre" (instead of characterizing it as an oriental we may lump it with Ambre sultan , Musc Khoublai Khan and Secretions Magnifiques as a "sexual" fragrance) and its amazing packaging (bottle, box) will surely earn its place in fragrance history.


Michael Mattison said...

Kingdom was wonderful! Very much like its predecessor Koublai Khan, but with more bite (perhaps too much bite for some). Very sexual, and I don't think I'll say what it reminds me of exactly, but let's just say it's potent.
I had just been thinking of tracking some down before AM died, but now of course it'll be hard to find anything for a decent price; wasn't cheap beforehand.
Thanks for this post.

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