Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bond no.9 Brooklyn Bottle Competition

I got a very nice email from the people @ Bond last month so I figured I'd try my hand at designing a bottle for last months Bond No.9 Brooklyn bottle competition. I'm not from BK so I had to really try and get inside the mindset of a new-yorker for inspiration for themes/images that would really represent the New York borough. I though of a design in which the bottle's background was an architectural schematic of the Brooklyn Bridge, and the BK theme was continued by the famous subway numbers which travel the area. I created a black top to mimic the iconic subway signs and placed on it some numbers of routes which travel throughout the area. These subway route markers also make up the centerpieces of the bottle as well as a Bond No.9 logo in the middle (each design submitted had the requirement of either the round logo or text logo to be prominent on the bottle). I'm certainly no graphics whiz and my background is definitley not the visual arts but heres my best shot! *fingers crossed*


Dimitri said...

Nice one Matt... I also tried my hand at designing the bottle. I re-interpreted the Brooklyn "brownstones" for mine, but the missus was on the same page as you - the Brooklyn Bridge featured in hers too.
A fun exercise all round I say!

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