Saturday, March 21, 2009

Toronto Fashion Week part 2

just a quick blog post here to bring anyone interested up to speed on my time here at Toronto LG Fashion week, Ive had an interesting few days and had the chance to meet many new people related to fashion and perfume. This has thus far been my best real world education as I was able to talk to the corporate (fragrance) buyers for a few major retailers. I also took the time to talk to store managers, and SA's to gain insight on all levels of how to execute a successful fragrance. Aside from perfume I was also able to meet with some very interesting and talented people, notably the master tailor from the Tom Ford brand, as he was in town for a promotion at the same time we were here. It's really awesome to talk to someone so passionate and learned about their craft!

Right now I'm preparing some notes because I have a television interview tonight about perfume, I've never done one but I have been practicing talking about perfume to new audiences during the week, I had a lot of fun speaking with the SA's at the Chanel boutique yesterday!

Wish me luck for tonight! ;)


Dimitri said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful experience all round M! Hope the interview went well!

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