Sunday, March 15, 2009

Strictly Perfume Reviews Search Engine

Hey everyone, I have been toying with some google code to make a search engine stricly for perfume reviews, meaning that it will only return content that are specifically perfume reviews and blog posts from our favourite resources on the internet. Try it out so far it should work, for example you only need to type in the perfume house and the name such as

Example "Serge Lutens Arabie" or "Musc Ravageur Frederic Malle"

I thought this would be a usefull tool incase you are reading a review of mine and I reference a perfume that you might not be familiar with, now its easy to find it within one click. I will move this to the sidebar in about a week so its always easy to find when you are reading a review :)


Dimitri said...

Mate, this is genius!! Great work!
This will cetrainly help filter out all the unwanted muck... thank you and congrats!

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herana said...

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Buy Perfumes Online said...

Well you could use a lot of filters to look for you favorite perfume articles over the net. You could use footprints and few commands with colons.

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