Thursday, June 18, 2009

Patchouli and Ice Cream

Heres a sketch for a little something I have been playing around with since yesterday. I named it "patchouli and ice cream". It can still use some tinkering - possibly it could be developped into something that could be released commercially, as a "concept" perfume. I like it.

Patchouli Oil
Iso E Super
Ethyl Vanillin
Raspberry Ketone
Aldehyde c-18

"marketing speak" notes would look something like:

top: berry syrup, coconut shavings

middle: vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, crushed cashews, almond slivers, caramel sauce

base: patchouli, sparking woods


Leon said...

The idea sounds very good! I even visualize it with a handwritten, or at least a signed and numbered box.

Parfum said...

that sounds like a cute idea. and maybe in oil form instead of a spray? it will convey the idea of "thickness and syrup" better anyways :)

thanks for the comment !

syndry david said...

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