Thursday, July 23, 2009

Asking Questions: Lancome Magnifique

The newest release by Lancome - Magnifique, is my favourite fragrance (niche/mainstream or otherwise) released in the past year. It is perfectly balanced with the most curious, sweet, exotic and deep aroma! I am not yet the proud owner of one of the beautiful red flacons although I cannot help myself in testing it everytime I am near a perfume counter!

Today while taking a quick look through the mall I decided to ask some questions to the Lancome representative. Despite receiving less then great press on the internet the fragrance is selling well at both counters that I inquired at, with the largest 100ml bottle being the most popular. This is supported by the fact that I have not yet seen it discounted anywhere, nor is the Ebay price deeply discounted. According to the friendly Lancome SA, the demographic amongst which Magnifique is most popular is middle aged women, however surprisingly (but not surprisingly to me!) the second demographic group is actually middle aged men! Apparently sales are minimal to nonexistant in the younger demographic (18-25), which is a shame because I believe it would sell at least moderately well in this category if there was a sales push from the representatives at the counter. Lancome can be considered by many to be "their mother's" fragrance (Tresor) but Magnifique is equal in quality and innovation to many niche brands (and definitely surpasses some!). I believe it is an excellent fragrance for a young man or woman who is a trend setter or someone who has a taste for Middle Eastern style perfumery.


Linda said...

I know this perfume has been out for a while, but I haven't smelled this. When I smelled Tresor I thought it was geared towards middle aged ladies. Maybe that's why I didn't think to smell Magnifique. (By the way, I'm 21) I'll try it next time I go to perfume counter. Are you training to be a perfumer?

Parfum said...

Hi Linda,

I am doing some perfume education although I don't believe I would ever like to work as a perfumer. I am interested in all forms of creative development and I like to know what I am getting into inside and out - so I chose to learn very in depth about perfumery. I will also keep it as a life-long hobby :)

About Magnifique, I hope you will like it, I am just a bit older than you and if I smelled it blindly I would have probably called it a young persons perfume. I think it is equally wearable by men and women. Like I mentioned in the review it is a perfume with quite a bit of "presence", it has a unique effervescent sour-fruity sweetness and a deep woody base. Fans of contemporary Arabic perfume mukhallaths will love this one :)

please let me know what you think about it after trying it. A link to my email is on my profile.

- Matt