Saturday, November 15, 2008

Agarwood: Why it sucks now

Agarwood, Agarwood, Agarwood... Oh how I remember when you use to be my special little tidbit, my personal piece of knowledge that didnt have 100 simulaneous auctions on ebay. When you weren't being exploited by every niche perfume house. I feel sad that those days have become history. Now that everyone knows about Agarwood, basicly things kinda suck. Its okay though, since I am always way ahead of my time, I know what the new-ness, the new wave of popularity for the future will be. It is also a middle eastern ingredient that will no doubt see its entry into the mainstream. I will not name is because I want to keep "my precious" mine as long as I can... But I will laugh on the day when there are 10 niche offerings with some stupid frenchified name of this beautiful essence on ...

If you are also as ahead of the times as I am you probably know what I am talking about and will chuckle to yourself

actually nevermind, even if you think you know what I am talking about you are probably completely wrong.

whoever emails me with the correct guess will get a prize! hurray!

edit: I hope no one takes this post the wrong way, while I do wish that everyone has the opportunity to find and experience the wonder that is agarwood oil, I feel that it has become cheapened and like a pre-packaged spirituality product by those who wish to exploit it.

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