Monday, November 17, 2008

Creed: Tabarome or Teabarome

I know its been saying Tabarome on the label for years, but I seriously think its a mis-print. This fragrance was clearly intended to be called Teabarome - some careless goof at 38 Av. Pierre had obviously just had a sticky "e" key on his keyboard. To prove my point, I would ask that anyone with a fairly reasonable black tea and ownership of a bottle of Tabarome please stick their head into the jar of tea, smell a scent strip of Tabarome, then proceed to tell me whether I am crazy or not. Clearly 30% of the odour profile of the perfume should be near identical to the fragrant pressed leaves. I have chosen last years Simao recolte for comparison, you may try another tea but try to keep it similar, for example do not use Earl Grey!

I know they were going for the whole heritage thing, but seriously? vintage tabarome vs this stuff ? I mean dont get me wrong, "new" tabarome its def. a tobacco scent, im comparing a 5% dilution of the leaf's absolute to the perfume as I type. But which one would win in an arm wrestle? Is this a tea scent or a tobacco?

I invite all comments!

PS - that ugly grey border that this blog puts around my pictures killed my cool fading in effect :(

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