Sunday, November 16, 2008

Im growing agarwood trees

Yes yes, from my earlier post you may have thought that I have moved on from agarwood, well its not the case; I have just changed the direction of my agarwood appreciation. My Al Haramains and my bottlles of oil do not get nearly as much usage as they once did. In fact I cant even really remember the last time I wore a pure oud. Oh well, growing these little guys is much more exciting anyways! I think of it as my way of giving back to the fallen trees who have provided us with their fragrant proceeds! well no... not really, I'm just weird and I do weird things.

Expect short updates from time to time as these happy green guys get taller and taller. It'll be like a par: fum blog version of meerkat mansion! (one plant already died too bad we didnt see it drawn out on reality blogo-vision)

How did I get these to grow you ask ? well, a drop of agarwood oil in each pot full of soil - Naturally!

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