Friday, November 21, 2008

Ebay Alert: Bulgarian Rose Otto

I recently purchased this item off ebay and have seen many items like it being offered. It is always advertised as "Bulgarian Rose Otto", Bulgarian Rose Oil or something similar. It is generally suggested to the buyer either directly or indirectly (by means of an anecdote about production methods etc) that it is the natural product. Of course, upon recieving it I noticed this is not the case.

My ability to read the characters is not so good, but im fairly certain it says "Bulgarska Roozha" on the top, meaning of course Bulgarian rose, and on the side I think it says something like "Aroma from Roses" (it is C PO3OB APOMAT, for those who know these character better than I can you please leave a comment :) )

As you can see by the enlargement of the ingredients, is it clearly not Bulgarian rose otto, but instead a perfume of Bulgarian rose. Here is my rough translation of what I think it says on the ingredients:

alcohol, diethyl phthalate, parfum, matieral no.1

Im guessing the last ingredient "material no.1" is rose otto, while "parfum" ecompasses a synthetic blend of rose molecules meant to stretch the effect of the rose otto.

The box is obviously fully disclosing the nature of the product, however it is the ebay sellers which often take blurry pictures and don't disclose information, so be sure to ask for a rundown of the ingredients list or a translation incase you are not sure! Since the characters are not english they can always claim ignorance!


Anonymous said...

"C PO3OB APOMAT" means "with rose aroma.


Anonymous said...

Alteya group is not very polite seller. I used to order from them several time in past and once they claimed that if I order from europe, they send me their organic products from Bulgaria what is cheaper and it avoid X-Ray of that organics product (at least 4 time if it shipped by air) if my shipment is sent from US. On one of their web is this notice:

"Can I order form this website if I live outside United States?
Yes. We provide worldwide delivery. All purchases are shipped directly from our warehouse in Chicago, IL (USA) or from Bulgaria (EU) usually within one business day. This ensures the lowest shipping rates and shortest delivery lead-time. "

And this is their webs:

They did not actept my compain that my order had to be shipped from BG. Be carefull if you are shopping from them.