Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why is Clive Christian Autographing all his bottles?

Everywhere I turn, whether ebay or "for sale" sections in perfume forums, there are people trying to to rid themselves of Clive Christian autographed bottles. I for one, would also want to rid myself of such a yucky thing, but it appears they are trying to rid themselves of them for the market value ? This puzzles me...

First Clive Chrisitan had those rediculous gold bottles that had actually had the phrase "The Most Expensive Perfume In The World" inscribed right on them (see above, I know the text is small sorry!), now he's autographing his own bottles?? who does he think he is! The more important question of course is are there really that many stupid rich people out there? If so, who are they ? I want to sell them my beard shavings

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