Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm a selfish animal for animal scents

Look at this cute little guy, this is a musk deer. Why don't I have a real photo of it you ask ? well because THERES NONE LEFT. Thats right, these populations are seriously shrinking, while everyone out there jumps on ebay buying up musk grains because they've become perfumistas overnight. So whats my deal? If I ever mention that I've smelled natural deer musk before or whatnot you will all criticize me. However let me explain - I am studying to be a perfumer. No, not an "independant" or "hobby" perfumer. A real perfumer, a life long dedication to the art. 1 gram of deer musk may be allotted to me because it will mean alot in the end for my education. For most other people on the other hand, it is merely a novelty, something that makes them think they are more important than they really are. Stop supporting this industry! do not buy musk grains on ebay purely out of curiousity, you know what! they really don't smell that good! not that you'll be able to do anything with them anyways. Theyre just gonna sit on hundreds of your shelves, and hundreds of deer had to give their lives for this. This current niche/perfumista explosion might very well be the final demise for this species. Funny thing is, its not even the perfume companies, its the ebay-handy curiousity seekers. Please people DO NOT buy deer musk, your curiousity is not as important as the life of Mr. Deer-Guy

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