Saturday, November 15, 2008

Perfumes I am currently enjoying: Why not talk about them

Perfumes I am currently enjoying; Here is what I've got on rotation this month. I usually keep my perfumes just in the hall because I like to decide right before going out the door what I am going to wear that day. if anyone is curious here is what I am liking right now with a comment attached to each:

First Photo (from left to right)

Dior Eau Noire - An instant classic, this is a spice bomb that will he hard to beat
C&S Neroli - with the changing of the weather to cooler Neroli makes a fine scent on those crisp days
Pikenz Arrogance - The original! a strong herbal masterpiece, the olfactory definition of black
Stardust - This long discontinued citrus has come around due to a large selloff by the stockist last year, its interesting but I will admit it doesnt get alot of mileage on me

Second Photo (top first, then bottom)

Mat; Male - Always a staple for me whenever I want to smell "weird". It was like Daim Blond before Daim Blond
Chanel Bois Des Iles - This is a masterpiece, top 5, absolutely gorgeous. This is the old formulation of the EDT, I treasure it.
Chanel Pour Monsieur - A great everyday scent, chypre-y citrus, with a warm amber base
Patou Pour Homme - Another staple, weird glassy jasmine in a semisweet oriental base. Fresh blast of lavender and spice at the top.
Versailles Homme - often reffered to as the sidekick of Patou, but I like it better, best example of Pimento in a refined oriental base
Creed Royal English Leather - I just keep pouring on the classics! this is the sweetest softest most perfect leather scent I have ever smelled!
Creed Erolfa - Probably gonna cycle this one out by next month as it is not as suitable for the colder weather, I love breaking it out when I wear a suit for a school presentation however...
Creed Tabarome - A cold weather fav! yummy melons and green tea + sweet tobacco
Creed Himalaya - Another symptom of the fact that I am still desperatley trying to hang onto summer!
Phat Farm Atman - Do not let the name fool you! this is barbershop lavender at its best!!
Dior Eau Sauvage - Another classic that I do not go without any time of the year, the best citrus fragrance ever made bar none.
Al Haramain Mubarak Ateeq - Leathery Mukhallat, my least favourite of the Al Haramains I have but I still wear it
Al Haramain Special - Special fragrance for special people! or so the perfumes tagline goes, its a very sweet mostly ambery and woody mukhallat. good stuff!
Gendarme - Gosh! so many laggards from the summer...
Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan - Back to the sweet winter scents, this one is excellent in cold weather; a very warm luxurious amber from top to finish
Serge Lutens Arabie - Another great warm scent to make you feel warm even in -20 winter!
Musc Ravageur - Just had to break this one out as the weather got cooler, a beautiful warm vanilla, sandal and guaicwood base with few topnotes to speak of!
Lalique Equus - hamster shavings and spice, how can this be so good ?
Creed SMW - This one is generally worn the day after C&S's Neroli - why? - I don't know
and finally at the bottom:
Al Haramain Khaltat Al Muluk - The monster bottle with an equally impressive scent. A must try for any fan of Eastern Oriental Perfumery. Quite possibly the best ever made!


Vetivresse said...

What an intriguing and eccentric collection. I see some common loves in there: C&S Neroli, Eau Noire, Bois des Îles, Tabarôme (though I much prefer the vintage) and all those lovely aouds. I have never had the good fortune to try the Al Haramain Khaltat Al Muluk.

Parfum said...

send me an email from my contact page, I can decant a vial for you id you'd like :)

nypogodi said...

I've just discovered your lovely blog, I quite like it. It stands apart from so many others out there.
I'm also interested in Eastern pefumery and love oud. Could you tell me more about Al Haramain Khaltat Al Muluk, please?